Zero Harm!

Temporary Drivers

Professional Drivers

We can supply uniformed Professional Drivers to meet your temporary staff requirements to help in the smooth running of your company. You can save money by using temporary Drivers from KBR FTX.

All of our drivers attend our award winning recruiting and five year training programme:

  1. Written assessments on Drivers Hours, Tachograph, Health & Safety, The Highway Code.
  2. On road driving assessment on our articulated training vehicle.
  3. Fitness test – we employ nobody with a BMI over 29.
  4. Two interviews one to understand previous experience, the other with our Operations Director.

The right image for your business fully uniformed, trained and issued with PPE.

All are full-time employees of KBR FTX – we know the quality of what we supply and their availability (they only work for us)

All of our drivers also drive the Heavy Equipment Transporter

118 tonnes, 23.4M long, up to 4M wide