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FTX Logistics Ltd.

FTX Logistics Ltd (FTX) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kellogg Brown & Root Ltd, part of the KBR group of companies. The company holds a 22.5 year contract to deliver the British Army's Heavy Equipment Transportation Service on behalf of Fasttrax Ltd.

FTX employs 85 Sponsored Reservists (SRs) to operate and maintain the service.

The main service elements are:


Non Operational Service

The Non Operational Service has two components:

Readiness for deployment





Peacetime TaskingSevern Bridge

Failure to perform to agreed Key Perfomance Indicators (KPIs) will generate service credit deductions.






Operational Service

The MoD may call up HET Vehicles and sufficient SRs to man one third of the vehicles for war fighting or peace-keeping missions