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Fasttrax Ltd


Fasttrax is a Joint Venture company owned 50% KBR and 50% 3i Infrastructure Fund. Fasttrax was awarded a 22.5 year Concession Contract to operate the British Army's Heavy Equipment Transportation (HET) Service.

In December 2001, Fasttrax issued limited recourse Bonds to a value of £85m to provide finance for this PFI project. Fasttrax has made repayments in line with the Bond agreements and at the end of 2010, Bond liabilities totalled £55m. Bonds are due to be fully repaid by 2021.

Funds were then used to purchase a fleet of 92 Heavy Equipment Transporters from Oshkosh Corporation.

Operating the service is sub-contracted to FTX Logistics Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of KBR.


The Project has received recognition from the PPP Industry at their annual PFI awards